LaunchPort WallStation - Black

LaunchPort WallStation - Black

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The LaunchPort WallStation is a part mount, part inductive charger, capable of receiving any LaunchPort Sleeve. The WallStation can be installed into any wall or solid surface, providing a home for your iPad.


LaunchPort WallStation - Black

The LaunchPort WallStation provides a home for your iPad on a Wall. It securely mounts and charges your iPad while in a Sleeve. Rotate your iPad through 360 degrees and uses provided detents for alignment to portrait and landscape orientations. With its discreet matte black finish and small footprint, the WallStation minimizes visual impact on the wall when not in use. Use a WallStation in a residential or commercial space, turning a wall into an information center, gallery, video conferencing center, or whatever else you can imagine.


  • Wireless inductive charging and mounting platform

  • Magnetic wall mounting station

  • Effortless mounting and removal

  • 360-degree rotation allows the iPad to be in either horizontal or landscape orientations while mounted

  • Maintains total iPad functionality while charging

  • WallStation Includes: Wallstation assembly, Anchors and Power supply

  • Supports all model Sleeves


  • Weight: 0.27kg

  • Height: 124mm

  • Width: 124mm

  • Depth: 21mm (depth from base of wall)

  • Depth: 36mm (total product depth)

  • Cut-out dimensions: 73.02mm by 73.02mm

  • Spacing between wall anchors: 80.96mm

WallStation Includes:

  • WallStation Assembly

  • Wall Plate

  • Anchors

  • Power Supply

If the product only protrudes 0.53” into wall cavity using 1/2” drywall - it will require installation.

Wire Size Chart (Max Length - Guage)

  • 25' - 24 AWG

  • 40' - 22 AWG

  • 60' - 20 AWG

  • 100' - 18 AWG

  • 150' - 16 AWG


iPort 1 year warranty