Dali Indoor Motion Sensor

Dali Indoor Motion Sensor

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The Digital Motion Detector combines light level sensing and PIR detection in a single unit for the lighting control system. The digital detector is a key element for occupancy control and daylight harvesting.


Key Features

    • Adjustable 360° PIR detector and light level (Lux) sensitivity, Multi master operation and control over the DALI bus

    • Multi master operation and control over the DALI bus

    • Light level tracking has high IR and UV rejection

    • Supports linked control of PIR or Lux sensing for the same targets

    • Full collision detection and restart ensures that commands are sent

    • Configurable on and off actions

    • Up to 4 switchable profiles, for example: normal hours, after hours, generator and security

    • Supports power failure and restart

    • Protected against accidental mains connection

  • Allows easy addressing with torch selection



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